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Why support ESBN?  Sponsorship Benefits

  • Access to an extensive network of local companies with wide and varied interests
  • Engage with participants at ESBN's quarterly open public meetings as well as at its more frequent specialist workshops.
  • Interact with local organisations, building a wider network and winning business from environmentally conscious companies
  • Associate your brand with Exeter’s green credentials and the work of ESBN
  • Assistance from a dedicated ESBN public relations team to support collaborations with press releases and photo opportunities.
  • Enhanced profile to Exeter Chamber membership (500 businesses).
  • Active involvement in providing specialist workshops to ESBN members.
  • Exclusivity of involvement within relevant organisation categorisation.
  • Promotion of involvement to ESBN membership via:
    • Logo on pop-up banner at all ESBN public meetings and workshops;
    • Logo, brief corporate descriptor, and links to website on ESBN website; and
    • Display of relevant literature at ESBN public meetings and workshops.

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